Brandenburg - a major Principality until dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire it's Margraves became electors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356. The House of Hohenzollern took the throne in 1415 and Brandenburgh eventually inherited Prussia in the 17th C.



1544 Brandenburg-Franconia Taler, NGC MS63

Wonderfuly toned and rare in mint state.


Bremen - A free city and member of the Hanseatic League the area of Bremen has been inhabited for around 12,000 years. The modern history of Bremen starts in 787 AD with the appointment of Willehad as the first Bishop of Bremen.



1797 Bremen 2 1/2 Schwaren, PCGS SP64

A very scarce off metal strike in silver, KM-Pn37. 1 Schwaren, for those of us not in the know, was equivalent to 3 Light Pfennig.


Brunswick - historically a Saxon vassel state Brunswick was elevated to a Duchy in 1235. Over the years there have been many minor offshoots of the Duchy and I have listed them all under this single heading for simplicity.



1699 Brunswick Calenburg Hannover 1 Groschen

Commemorating the marriage of Wilhelmine Amelie to Johann Friedrichs. Even though this is a little banged up along the edges I just love the design.



1705 HB Brunswick-Calenburg-Luneburg-Hannover 2 Mariengroschen, NGC MS65

A fairly early version of the famed Brunswick horse.



1708 HB Brunswick Luneburg 4 Marian Groschen, NGC62

A quite striking example with wonderful toning.



1725 1 Prennig, NGC MS65 BN



1792 (MC) Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Taler, NGC 62

Not a rare coin but very difficult to find uncirculated. This one with deep and original looking toning.




1820 1/24 Taler, NGC 65


Frankfurt - Although first mentioned as being named in the 2nd C. AD the first written evidence occurs in 794 AD at a Imperial Assembly held by Charlemagne. Beginning in 855 AD the German kings and emperors were elected in Frankfurt.



1774 Gold Striking of the 1 Kreuzer, NGC MS62

A very rare pattern in gold, KM Pn-58. A lovely coin, I really love the tiny little city view engraved on these.



1848 2 Gulden, NGC MS65

KM-337 ex Virgil Brand collection. This commemorative was issued for the sitting of the constitutional committee with a mintage of 8,600.



1862 Shooting Medal

In white metal with some hairlines on the reverse, so obviously previously cleaned and not worth grading. Never the less a very attractive design.


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