Hamburg - The modern city of Hamburg was actually founded in 806 by Charlemagne who ordered a castle built on the site (called Hammaburg), and previously listed by Claudius Ptolemy as the city of Treva. In 1189 Frederick I (Barbarossa) granted the city an Imperial Charter with the title of Imperial Free City. Hamburg became a member of the trading guild known as the Hanseatic League in 1241, and in 1806, with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, became a sovereign state within the German Confederation. This was confirmed in 1815 at the Vienna Congress, after the defeat of Napoleon.



1778 Gold Striking of the 1 Schilling, NGC AU58

A scarce off metal strike.



1796 Gold Striking of the Dreiling, NGC MS63.

Another scarce off metal strike of one of the minor coins.



1803 Medal, NGC MS63 PL

A fantastic design this commemorates the 1000th year of the founding of "Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg". 



1807 Gold Striking of the Dreiling, NGC MS62


Hannover - founded in the medieval period, by the 13th C. Hannover had become a realtively large trading town. In 1636 the Duke of Brunswick moved his residence to the town, and in 1692 was raised to the rank of Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. The electors later became monarchs of England beginning with George I.



1827 16 Gute Groschen, NGC MS 64

ex Pittman collection.


Hesse - settled by early humans around 50,000 years ago Hesse as a modern entity first became independant in 1247 as a landgraviate in the Holy Roman Empire.



1858 Bronze Medal NGC MS65 BN

Celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary of Mathilde and Ludwig III. Struck in extremely high relief.


Lubeck- Along with Hamburg one of the founding members of the Hanseatic League. Although people had been in the area since at least the last ice age the modern city of Lubeck was founded in 1143. In 1375 the Emperor Charles IV named Lubeck as one of the five "Glories of the Empire". However choosing to be on the losing side in the Counts Feud (1534-36) led to a continuing decline in its fortunes.



1559 Taler, DAV-9408, NGC MS62



1789 Gold Striking of the 1 Schilling, NGC AU53






1767 6 Pfennig, NGC MS63

I just loved the design on this one.


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