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I'll be adding links on this page for dealers and auction houses I have had good experiences with, and some informational sites.

Note that both NGC and PCGS have registry programs where you can list your coins and display images. Actually not a bad idea to keep images off site of your collection. Personally I use the NGC registry, PCGS will only accept PCGS graded coins while NGC accepts both. I don't see limiting myself to only buying PCGS. Both NGC and PCGS also have forums to join and interact with other collectors.

NGC - One of the top two TPG's
PCGS - One of the top two TPG's

Collectors Universe Forums - one of the best forums, you can find me (posting as JCMhouston) and many of the private site owners linked below discussing World and Ancient coins almost daily.

ANS - American Numismatic Society, based in NY and primarily world and ancient material, scholarly publications annualy.

ANA - American Numismatic Organization, well worth joining.


Information Sites

Wybrit - A personal site with lots of good information on collecting with British being his speciality.

Petition Crown - A collectors site with wonderfully rare pieces and quite good stories about some of the coins.

Taler Universe - a personal site with everything you want to know about Austrian Talers, as well as some really lovely coin pics.
Coins GB - good collectors site and forum.
Coin Imaging - A site by Mark Goodman with several good articles on photography. His book on photography is well worth the price, even though my skills suck, they are much improved since reading this volume.
Gems by Glenn - A collectors site with many good coin images, also some very interesting mineral and rock photos.
Soho Mint - this non-commercial site is maintained by a true expert in British coins, this site has much information on the Soho Mint, and he has published additional material on the 1787 sixpences which were a great help to me in my research.
Wildwinds - An excellent site for information on ancient coins and values.



Dealers & Auctioneers


Northeast Numismatics - Well known dealers with some exceptional U.S. and world inventory. Many of my British and German pieces come from NEN.

Atlas Numismatics - a relatively new business but formerly with NEN and a nice selection of world and ancient coins.
Baldwins - one of the leading dealers in British and Ancient coins, located in London. Many of my rarest British piece have come through them.

Spink - well known British dealer and auction house.
Civitas - Josh is an excellent person to deal with, I have purchased German States and ancients, one of the few I trust enough to buy raw coins from.
Classical Numismatic Group - World and ancients, both inventory and regular auctions, these are the guys that got me started in British coins, very good to deal with. Also one of the few dealers I buy raw Ancients from.
Goldberg Auctions - One of the top auction houses in the US for World coins.
R.P. Coins - UK dealer with a very wide selection, Rob is very knowledgable on early copper in particular, one of the few dealers I buy raw coins from.

RasCoins - Mark Rasmussen's site, a large selection of British material and also finds some great rarities.
Colin Cooke - Another well known UK based dealer, another of the few I buy raw coins from. Good images and honest descriptions when you call or email them.
Heritage - About the largest auction house for coins, also art and collectibles auctions.

Stacks Bowers - Well known auction house, has several good sales of world and ancient material every year.

Ron Guth - One of the top specialists worldwide in German coins.
The Copper Corner - Dealer in copper coins, very informative site with info on a lot of the pieces he bought from the Boulton collection.
Jonathan Kern - Respected dealer in ancient and world coins.
Aspen Park Rare Coins - Well known dealer with a very nice inventory of world coins.
Karl Stephens - Dealer in world coins and medals



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