Nurnburg - first mentioned in a document of 1050 AD Nurnburg was the site of an Imperial castle. Nurnburg became the seat of the Imperial Diets during the middle ages which led to rapid growth in trade and was considered one of the three most important cities in the Empire. The dark side of Nurnburg began with the first massacre of the Jews in the Rintfleish Massacres of 1298, and the pogroms of 1349.



1765 SR Taler, NGC AU55

A very attractive city view piece with a lovely double headed Imperial Eagle on the reverse and nice light toning.


Paderborn - Founded as a Bishophirc in 795 AD by Charlemagne this was the Town Pope Leo III fled to in 799 to escape his enemies in Rome. St. Liborius, the Archbishop of LeMans in the late 4th C. was reinterred here in 836 AD as their patron saint.



1786 2/3 Taler, NGC MS63

Saint Liborius seated on clouds. A scarce one year type this is currently the only example graded by NGC or PCGS.


Prussia - Originally a Duchy, after supporting Leupold I , Archduke of Austria and Holy Roman Emperor, in the War of the Spanish Succession, Frederick convinced the Emperor to elevate Prussia to a Kingdom and his status to "King in Prussia" as Frederick I. 



Undated Freidrich Wilhelm IV 1840-1861

Bronze medal, 42mm, ref. Henckel 2464, Marianburg 4181.

A lovely design on this reverse.



1895 Silver Medal

Commemorating the Schleshwig (Kiel) Nord See canal, proof, raw, and deeply toned.



Regensburg - an ancient city with settlements dating back to the stone age it became the site of a Roman Fort around 90 AD. It became a Free Imperial City in 1245 AD, and in 1810 was incorporated in the Kingdom of Bavaria.



1780 BF Taler, NGC AU55

Dav 2627, a lovely example of the city view talers.


Rhine Confederation - a short lived confederation (1806-13) formed from 16 German States by Napoleon after defeating Russia and Austria in the Battle of Austerlitz. At it's peak the Confederation included 36 States.



1809 C-B Taler, NGC MS63

A somewhat scarce 1 year type.


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