Saxe - there are more than a dozen various principalities, duchy's, etc. with Saxe - something as their name. So I have simply listed them all under one heading.


Saxony - with remains of an ancient temple dating to the 5th C. BC the area of Saxony has a long history, it's modern history begins around 700 AD with the Duchy of Saxony. Beginning in the 10th C. AD the Dukes of Saxony also became Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1806 the Elector Frederick August III was promoted by Napoleon to Augustus I, King of Saxony. However as history shows, he chose the wrong side. After the defeat of Napoleon in 1813 Saxony was forced to give up approximately 1/2 of it's lands as compensation.



1582 Taler, NGC MS62

Augustus I as Elector of Saxony.



1595 Taler, NGC MS63

Christian II, Johann Georg I and August, Dresden mint, Dav-9820. Superbly struck for the type.




1796 Taler, NGC MS64



1825 S 1 Pfenning, NGC PF65 BR

A rare example of an early proof with attractive blue and violet toning. I love the look of this coin.


Stolberg - the county of Stolburg was first formed in 1210 AD, after several divisions beginning in 1548 there were additional minor lines of the family. Nothing really notable in the history of the county, but I do love their stag design.




                                                                 1546 Taler, NGC 63

                        The finest graded for the date. Struck for Stolberg-Konigstein-Rochfort, a Countship

                                                           ruled at the time by Ludwig II.



1626 Taler, NGC AU58

A very tough coin in high grade, currently the finest graded for the date.




1738 2/3 Taler (24 Mariengroschen) NGC 58



1740 2/3 Taler, NGC MS62

Currently the finest graded, this hs a small planchet flaw on the obverse but still quite nice for the date.



(1759) 1/8 Ducat, NGC MS64

A tiny little gem of a coin, undated but minted around 1759. Very scarce and this example currently the finest of two graded.



1738 Stolberg 2/3 Taler, NGC AU55

A scare date and type, currently the only one of the date graded.



1790 2/3 Taler, NGC AU53

It doesn't seem like a high grade coin, but it is the finest graded as of March 2015, it's also the only one graded for the date. The Stolberg pieces drew my interest because of the Stag design, sometimes they appear a little crude but I like them none the less.



1796 2/3 Taler, NGC MS62

A very tough coin in uncirculated, and with a very attractive stag on it. Minted in pewter instead of silver.


Wurttemburg - a Duchy from 1495-1806 it became a Kingdom from 1806-1913. In 1806 Duke Frederick joined the Confederation of the Rhine and in thanks for his support was elevated to a King by Napoleon.  After the Battle of Leipzig Frederick saw the writing on the wall and quickly switched sides to make sure he would be with the winners. As part of this deal he was granted extensions to his kingdom. And everyone lived happily ever after, see, politics hasn't changed much over the years.



1694 - 1700 Silver Pattern Klippe 1/2 Ducat, PCGS MS63

(1694-1700)-D (Jeremias Daniel). Mare with foal / Cityscape view of Stuttgart. Very rare off-metal pattern striking in silver. Binder 29; Strothotte o. J.­116. Ex- Ernst Otto Horn collection.


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